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Discover the atmosphere and gourmet offers aboard the historic BAM

Discover the gourmet outings offered by BAM – The Line of the Senses

BAM – La Voie des Sens brings together artisans, producers and restaurateurs around the Bière-Apples-Morges (BAM) and Apples-L’Isle railroads. They offer gourmet rides aboard a historic train whose oldest carriage dates back to 1895.

Embark in Morges and let the train take you on a journey of discovery of regional flavors and produce, or simply a stroll through the countryside.

For your private or company outings, “privatize” your train!   SEE OFFERS & PRICES

Gourmet outings with BAM – La Voie des Sens

Brunch in the fields

The Culinary Train

Winemaker's Train

Beer & Burgers Train

Cheesemaker's Train

Privat Train

Experience your outing as a VIP!

BAM – La Voie des Sens offers you the opportunity to experience each outing in an exclusive way, by privatizing:

  • One of the two 1st class compartments  
    (First-class compartments are perfect for 2 people, but are still great for 3 or 4!)
  • The bar car
    (for families or groups of friends, it’s now possible to book an outing in the bar car, which can accommodate 6 to 10 people).

Please ask when booking…


The Winemaker’s Train wins BOWT 2024 award

This “Global Best of Wine Tourism Award” represents the highest distinction in the world of wine tourism.

Want to prolong the pleasure? 

Why not opt for a gourmet break in the town of Morges? You could visit the traditional Saturday market, for example, before or after your BAM gourmet outing.

Choose the package offered by Morges Région Tourisme and Hôtel de la Couronne, which includes one night’s accommodation in a double room and two seats on board the historic train.

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The BAM association – La Voie des Sens

The members

La Voie des Sens brings together some twenty artisans, producers and restaurateurs around the Bière-Apples-Morges (BAM) and Apples-L’Isle railroad lines. They have come together to create a regional tourism concept that links the culinary trades with the discovery of their region, to facilitate access to a dynamic, global tourism offering. Among other things, they offer several gourmet rides aboard the historic retro train

The region

The region between Lake Geneva and the foot of the Jura is rich in tourist activities. The Bière-Apples-Morges and Apples-L’Isle railroads pass through several regional centers of interest. These include gourmet artisans, producers such as oil mills and poultry farms, wine cellars and farm markets, all set in an authentic, bucolic landscape.

From the railway stations, there are numerous walks and cycle rides along signposted routes, combining nature, crafts and local produce.

A passion for local, regional and homemade products!

Passionate chefs, local produce… What a pleasure!

Combine the charm of a historic train ride with the pleasures of the table!

Discover one of our five seasonal gourmet proposals or book a personalized package for your group.